Nov 1, 2014

Project Updates

Hello everyone!

Emails from charity:water are something I never get tired of reading. Seeing tangible proof of donations we’ve made is one of the reasons I chose charity:water as the organization to receive donations from this project. Here are some updates from Year 1 and Year 2 of The Just Love Project.

The Just Love Project: Year 1 (2012)
We knew it would take at least a year and a half from the end of the campaign until our dollars made physical impact and affected change. Donations from Year 1 of The Just Love Project were sent to the May Hagay Community in Ethiopia. Your donation, along with the help of six other charity:water campaigns, have gone on to help 150 people get access to clean and safe drinking water.

Read more about the project, including GPS coordinates (!!!) of where the well is located.

The Just Love Project: Year 2 (2013)
Work is well underway for this campaign, which is helping to serve 5 different provinces of Cambodia. Right now, charity:water is more than halfway completed with this project, working to train the communities to manage their water point. In about 6-9 months, I hope to have another update with the completed results from this campaign.

For now, check out a video of the work being done in one of the Cambodian communities.

Just Love,