Aug 26, 2015

Sign Off

It’s been awhile since any noise has come out of The Just Love Project camp. And for good reason, because the project officially wrapped at the end of 2013. This past March, I sent an update about how things were going with both charity:water campaigns. These campaigns were directly funded with all profits from The Just Love Project.

At that time, Year 2’s campaign (2013) was about halfway into its cycle with money from our campaign. I’m elated to announce that the wait is over and the proof is here! Year 2 raised over $1100, which went to two different communities in Cambodia. Together with six other campaigns, nearly 500 people now have access to clean drinking water! This is truly life-changing.

Check out more info about all the campaigns we helped fund, including GPS coordinates. How cool!

For me, this is a bittersweet email. I’m so unbelievably proud of what we were able to accomplish with an idea, ink, and paper. But this is the last email that will be sent from The Just Love Project. I’ll keep the website up as long as I can. I also plan on breaking down what I learned about this project into a series of blog posts. Twitter’s probably the best way to stay in the know about that.

I want to say thank you one last time to everyone who contributed their time, effort, and money towards this project. It was an absolute joy connecting with all of you. Thank you again, so much.

Just Love,